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UK Manual Links Directory

This directory of United Kingdom sites only, is maintained by hand. There is no automation involved. Visitors can suggest sites but they will be manually checked for quality, appropriateness and good taste. No adult links are accepted or sites that are not UK based or do not have real content. Use the category links below to find useful resources for the subject you are interested in. If you wish to suggest a site you may use the 'Suggest A Site' link to the form found at the bottom of each page.
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Please Note your suggestion is likely to be deleted if:

1. the email address used doesn't exist.
2. the site suggested is not a United Kingdom based website
3. it contains very poor spelling and grammar
4. there are multiple suggestions for the same site
5. it is in a language other than English
6. it contains html, non english characters or backslashes before an apostrophe e.g. you\'re

For sites based outside the United Kingdom please add them at our Manual International directory. UK sites can also be added there if they are intended for a world-wide audience i.e. selling beyond England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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free educational software DVD

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